A Reminder about Sportsmanship

To Families and Students,

Thank you for being invested in our Greenville student-athletes. As we head into the winter athletic season, we’d like to remind everyone of the spectator expectations at athletic events. We strive for an athletic culture that begins with sportsmanship and character. In order to do so, we encourage spectators to employ the SEE mentality.

Support coaches, players, event personnel and good play.

Encourage athletes and coaches. 

Enjoy the event. 

Spectator Expectations

  • Be kind and respectful to EVERYONE on the field. There is a shortage of coaches, officials, and game-day staff, without which our athletic programs couldn’t operate. From volunteers to paid chaperones, we ask that you practice kindness, follow directions, and respect others so these programs can continue for years to come. 

  • Leave the coaching to the coaches. It creates a negative situation for our student-athletes when spectators coach from the stands. If you have questions or comments for coaches, please reserve them for a scheduled meeting.

  • The use of vulgarity, as well as noisemakers, is prohibited at all times. Vulgarity creates a negative environment for spectators and players. The use of noisemakers is prohibited by Section 2 and NYSPHSAA. 

  • Be aware of the sport’s etiquette. For example, spectators should be quiet during a free throw in basketball but are encouraged to cheer throughout the rest of the play. 

  • Spectators are not allowed on the playing field or court. Unless called down by the coach, spectators (including families) must remain in the stands. In cases of injury, the coach will request a parent/guardian if necessary. 

  • Be an advocate for positivity. If you see or hear anything offensive, please report it to the nearest event personnel so it can promptly be addressed.  

If a spectator is unable to adhere to the expectations set forth by the District, they will first be issued a warning. If the behavior continues, an administrator will ask them to leave and gameplay will stop until they are removed from the premises. Once removed, they will be unable to attend the next home athletic event. This applies to all Greenville athletic spectators attending home and away events. 

Students often model their behaviors after the adults that surround them. We want to create an environment conducive to interscholastic athletic competition, but we need spectator cooperation to do so. When attending events, please remember to demonstrate self-control, as well as the ideals and behaviors we want students to learn. 

All home athletic events are recorded and live streamed. If you are unable to make an event for any reason, please feel free to join the live stream and show your support. 

We look forward to seeing you in the stands. Remember, be loud, be proud, and be Spartan STRONG.

Denise Wickham
Director of Athletics, Health, and Physical Education

For an official copy of this statement on letterhead, please click here.