Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide all of the required documents?

Yes. You must provide all of the documents listed to register your student.

Who can register a student?

Only the child’s parent or legal guardian can register a student. Relatives can register a student only when that relative has legal custody of the child.

My former spouse and I share custody of our child. Can I register him/her?

The parent/guardian with primary custody of the child must register the child. Additionally, the parent with primary custody must maintain a residence within the Greenville Central School District boundaries. (The child must spend the majority of the school year with that parent/guardian.)

How do I change my phone number or address?

You should contact the Central Registrar at (518) 966-5070 ext. 305 to make changes to your child’s registration information. Changes should not be made through the school office.

Any change of address must be verified with the Central Registrar in order to maintain eligibility for attendance at Greenville Central School. You must provide three proofs of residency in order to verify the change.

Parent Home Schooled – If you choose to exercise your Federal rights to home school your children, you must register your child with the district.

Placement in Private or Parochial Schools – If your child will be attending a private or parochial school setting, you must register your child with the district.