The Greenville Central School District Board of Education with the assistance of district instructional and support personnel will begin its public discussion of the fiscal plan and budget for the school year. The Board of Education Budget workshops have been established to ensure transparency in the fiscal process and to provide opportunities for the public, as the budget plan is actually being developed, to learn about the educational programs and related support services as supported by budget expenditures and anticipated revenues. The Board invites public comment throughout the budget development process and encourages you to attend the various meetings and follow updates as posted on the District webpage.

The presentation of the required format of the budget, Program, Administrative, and Capital, will be detailed further in discussions of the instructional program and instructional support service categories.

The Board of Education Budget Workshops are scheduled for the dates as listed with the specific topics for each agenda to be determined. Changes in these dates will be posted on this website. Please check the website for a rescheduled meeting date should there be a school closing due to inclement weather.

2023-2024 Budget Development Calendar

Contact for any questions or comments.