AP Faculty Team

For specific course information including syllabi, grading, assignments or classroom questions/concerns, please contact the teacher listed under each course directly.

AP English Language and Composition
Michael Morelli

AP European History
Stephen Siebrecht

AP Macroeconomics
Robert Gray

AP Statistics
Kacie McGuinness

AP United States History
Timothy Albright

AP Coordinator
Kendall Fritze

About AP

Advanced Placement Courses are college-level classes offered through College Board within our school setting. Students may take these courses throughout their high school experience starting in 9th grade. AP offers challenging coursework and a preview of what college curriculum and structure are like.

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General Information Regarding Advanced Placement at Greenville High School

The Advanced Placement Program, offered through College Board, gives students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while still in high school. At Greenville, as well as most schools nationwide, students have an opportunity to take AP comprehensive exams in May. These exams, graded on a one through five (1-5) scale, could provide college credit in the exam area for scores 3, 4 or 5, depending on the college’s credit acceptances for AP courses. Additionally, these courses carry a weight of 5% on the student’s transcript, essentially giving them a boost and reward for taking a higher level course.

Taking the Advanced Placement exam is optional, however, the vast majority of students will choose to do so. The examinations provide students and universities with a standardized measure of what they have accomplished in the AP classroom as compared to other students across the nation. In addition, and some would say more importantly, taking the AP exam gives students the experience and opportunity to synthesize all that they have learned during the year and take an examination similar to what they will encounter in college. The best preparation for college success includes taking the AP test at the conclusion of an AP course.

The cost is roughly $100 per exam. If your child receives free and reduced lunch, the cost of the exam is covered by the College Board and the Greenville Central School District. Individualized bills will be issued around November 1st with a return date around February 1st. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kendall Fritze directly at 518-966-5070 x. 441 or by email at

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Studying for Your AP Exam

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Exam Day

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