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Greenville Central School District transports 1150 students approximately 1800 miles each day. Bus drivers work very hard to ensure the safety of our students each and every day.

Join our Team - Become a Bus Driver

School districts across the country are facing a critical shortage of bus drivers along with GCSD which affects our students. Become a school bus driver and join our professional team. If you enjoy a flexible schedule, need extra income and would enjoy working with children, being a school bus driver could be the perfect fit for you. No experience? No worries. Our professional team will help. School bus driver training is paid at $15.45 per hr. Apply by using the links below or stop by the transportation office, we would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

GCS Employment Application

Greene County Civil Service Application

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While on campus, please follow our traffic plan to help ensure the safety of our students.

The MS/HS circle is not a drop/pick area as this is a no parking area. Please be mindful of buses with their red lights flashing as they are picking or dropping students on campus at any point during the day. Stopping when encountering a school bus with flashing red lights (whether you are on the road or in a school parking lot) and obeying school zone speed limits – are state laws. They were established for the safety of everyone on the roads, especially our children!


The access road between the schools is not a shortcut to 81 or 32. This is a bus access road only and is busy with transportation needs. Parents and students should use appropriate entrances and exits on campus. Thank you for keeping our drivers safe!


Drop-Off: Students are able to be dropped off between 7:40-7:55 am. In order to maximize safety, please follow the directions of staff assigned to the area. Parents are asked to follow the flow of traffic as they enter the north parking lot. Traffic is to move one way; there are no U-turns and no one should drive around or pass another vehicle. When dropping-off students, parents should release students from their vehicle next to our school building (in the area between the sidewalk entrance and the north doors). Children should not be dropped off in front of the building from Route 32, as this is a no parking area.

Pick-Up: Parents should arrive no earlier than 2:15, as traffic creates a safety hazard; parents who drive children on a daily basis will receive a recommended arrival time between 2:20 and 2:30 (staggered arrival prevents traffic backing onto Route 32). Families with K-2 students(and their siblings) should arrive at 2:20, families with students in grades 3-5 should arrive at 2:30. Parents should remain in their cars at all times. When parents get out to assist the focus of staff members is diverted and it slows our ability to help families. Staff members will greet parents and ask who they are picking-up. Vehicles will proceed around the parking lot until they arrive near the north doors. Students will be dismissed to the vehicle once the car has arrived in the area next to the north doors.


Drop-Off: Parents will be directed to drive through the side parking lot and should move with the flow of traffic behind the M/S-High School rear parking lot. Students should be released from vehicles at the High School wing behind the orange cones. Parents should continue to move with the flow of traffic to the end of the parking lot where they will be directed as they exit campus.

Pick-Up: Parents will be directed to drive through the side parking lot and should move with the flow of traffic behind the M/S-H/S rear parking lot. Students should be picked up from vehicles at the High School wing behind the orange cones. Parents should continue to move with the flow of traffic to the end of the parking lot where they will be directed as they exit campus. Please follow the flow of traffic and use caution as students will be walking between parked cars.


To address the bus driver shortage and create a more efficient transportation program, families are being asked to complete a mandatory Student Bus Registration Form indicating their transportation needs for next school year. The form will ask families to indicate their transportation needs for the start of the school year. The data will be used to create efficient routing for school buses.

The form must be completed. A packet will be mailed to every household of their intentions for transportation. Email reminders will continue to be received by families until the form has been filled out. The form will ask families to only indicate their general transportation needs. Routes will be developed from this data. 


  • Active driver recruitment and retention efforts

  • Analyzing internal route data

  • Bus route consolidations

  • Introducing a Student Bus Registration process to create a more efficient routing system


  • If you have been transporting your child, please let us know if you will continue this practice.

  • Complete the mandatory Student Bus Registration Form when you receive it. 

Your help in creating a more efficient transportation service is greatly appreciated. 


What if you DON’T request transportation for the start of the school year but find your child needs bus transportation during the year? 

Students who do not choose bus transportation for the beginning of the year can always resume transportation. Bus route assignment will be made as quickly as possible (within 48 hours of the request) Please remember you can always opt-in at any time during the year if your transportation needs change. 

What if I DO request transportation for the start of the school year but my child doesn’t end up riding the bus?

If a child does not ride the bus for a period of 14 days or more, the Transportation Department will reach out to the family to see if transportation is still needed. We encourage families not to request transportation on the form if it’s not needed. Accuracy is important so we can plan routes for the start of the school year. 

Is the new Student Bus Registration Form mandatory?

Yes, all families must notify the district of their child’s transportation needs for the new school year by completing the electronic/paper form. If you do not complete this form, your child will not be scheduled for transportation. This form is an important tool the district has created for more efficient bus routes.

What if I am not able to access the registration online? 

Forms will be available at all the school offices. If you are not able to, a registration form can be mailed to you at your request. 


Routes are continually monitored for safety and efficiency. At any point during the school year major revisions could be required and you will be notified by the Transportation Office.

Please arrive at /have your child at their designated bus stop 5 min. prior to schedule pick up time in the AM and in the PM to receive K&1st grade students. If no one is present to receive students they will be returned to the Elementary School for parent pick up. 

If there is no student present at any designated bus stop, the bus is not required to wait at the stop regardless of the weather condition. 


While all requests will be reviewed and investigated, NYS Education Law states that changes may not be based upon the “personal challenges facing individual parents.” Stops cannot be changed for these reasons.

If you plan to request an alternate location for your child, please take notice of the following:

  • Request forms must be submitted annually by August 1st or as soon as possible if family circumstances change during the school year. No changes will be implemented from August 26 through the second Monday of September.

  • The request must be renewed every school year and/or whenever there is a change in arrangements. Transportation assignment will be made as quickly as possible (within 48 hours of confirmation of the requested bus stop location.)

  •  See attached downloadable Forms 

Forms may be mailed, emailed or faxed to our office.

4972 SR 81
Greenville, NY 12083 

Fax (518)966-4006

Greenville’s Transportation goal is to provide your child with the safest form of transport to and from school. Our drivers are dedicated professionals with pride in the work they do. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.