Mary Judeikis, Transportation Supervisor
(518) 966-5070 x463
(518) 966-4006 FAX

Twice each day Greenville Central School District transports 1150 students approximately1800 miles. Bus drivers work very hard to ensure the safety of our students each and every day. While on campus, please follow our traffic plan to help ensure the safety of our students.


Drop-Off: Parents are asked to follow the flow of traffic as they enter the north parking lot. Traffic is to move one way, and there are no U-turns allowed in the parking lot. When dropping-off students, parents should release students from their vehicle next to our school building (in the area between the sidewalk entrance and the north doors). No one should drive around and pass another vehicle that is standing in this area. Children should not be dropped off in front of the building from Route 32, as this is a no parking area.

Pick-Up: Parents should park in the north parking lot and enter through the Multi-Purpose room to await their child. Once your child has been signed-out, we ask that you leave as soon as possible as other parents will be searching for parking. Please be careful driving in the parking lot as many parents and children will be walking between parked cars.


Drop-Off: Parents will be directed to drive through the side parking lot and should move with the flow of traffic to the High School end of the parking lot. Students should be released from vehicles at the High School wing behind the orange cones. Parents should continue to move with the flow of traffic to the end of the parking lot where they will be directed as they exit campus.

Pick-Up: Parents may park in either the side parking lot or the smaller parking lot next to the Middle School. Please follow the flow of traffic and use caution as students will be walking between parked cars.