Many families have their children participate in private pre-school programs. These programs work to create experiences that prepare students for Kindergarten.

Greenville Central School District also participates in the New York State Universal Pre-K Program. Universal Pre-K (UPK) is a program that provides free pre-kindergarten classes for families who live in the Greenville Central School District. The UPK program is available to children who are 4 years old or turning 4 years old by December 1st. All families are welcome to apply, regardless of income. UPK classes are held five half-days a week and follow the Greenville Central School District calendar. The UPK providers in our District are Little Angels in Greenville and the Church Mouse Pre-School in Norton Hill. Transportation is not provided by the school district. For more information and to apply for UPK, please contact Lynette Terrell, District Registrar, at 518-966-5070 Ext. 305.