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                                  Colonial America - Colonial Lifestyles and much more!  (Thanks to Brian from Ms. Henderson's class for sharing!) - weaver cooper carpenter cabinetmaker wheelwright blacksmith - silversmith apothecary milliner shoemaker printer occupations page (basketmaker, cabinetmaker, baker, broommaker, cooper, innkeeper, potter, miller, maple sapper, milliner, sail maker, sign painter, wheelwright,spinner, wool dyer,  wool carder) - cabinetmaking, millering, pottery, fisherman, cooper, farmer, shipbuilding, weaving, printing, lumbering,
teaching games and recreation education and teacher overall colonial NH colonial occupations - links to various sites pictures for trades slideshows of trades schools history of new england clothing farm girl - introduction to trades and many links of each trade more occupations - Trades information Trade Slideshows - Town job information - quiz pick trade in picture - colonial job dictionary - craft ideas for projects - different tradesmen information - project ideas