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Very Useful Sites



Free Typing Games:  This site has a lot of fun arcade like games for you to practice your skills.  It may not work at school, but it should work at home.

Bubbles:  Type the letters in the bubbles.  This games is easy and fun

Free Touch Typing:  This easy to use free program will help you learn to type.  It is very basic and does not have any games.

Nimble Fingers: This site has a lot of useful information and it is worth looking at the suggestions for proper posture.

TypingTest:  This a great way to test your speed.

Power Typing:  Not very exciting, but an excellent program for practicing your skills.

Dance Mat Typing:  This is a great program to use when you first learn to type.

A Walk in the Woods


General Science

Who Wants to win $1,000,000:  This is fun way to practice some basic science facts.

Project Earth: Can you eliminate the effects of Global Warming.

Elementary Math Sites - every math topic

Virtual Math:  This site has cool manipulative games in just about all math areas

Cut the Knot:  This site has some really challenging games Including Peg Solataire.


Skillswise:  This site is great for practicing a wide variety of whole number math skills.  Click on the skill you want to practice, then look for a game to play.


Math is Fun:  This website  has a lot of fun challenging math games.  Some are online versions of old favorites, and some are new and interesting.


Current Events:

Time for Kids


World Book


Times Union Newspaper

ELA Test Prep Journey of the Monarch Butterflies  Max's Math Adventures Everything Martin Luther King, Jr.
Starfall: Learning to Read Selected Sites about Mammals -for Kids Multiplication Games


How's it Going?:  Play chess against a firend.

Chess against the Computer: Can you beat the computer?

Spelling City Mammals 1 TIMEZ ATTACK  
Fun Brain Reading and Vocabulary Mammals and Plants Division Games  


Skillwise Grammar Games:  There are some great grammar games on this site.  Try the apostrophe games.

Yahoo Mammals Multiplication and Division Flashcards Online


You Are Here:  Are you a smart consumer?  Play You Are Here and find out.

Parts of Speech

Wacky Web Tales:  This fun mad lib like web site will help you learn the parts of speech.

Funbrain Madlibs:  This is a simple way to learn about parts of speech

English Saves The Day  This is a simple way to practice basic parts of speech


Pollination Web Hunt Links:

The Great Plant Escape

How a Seed Grows into a Plant

Perimeter Explorer:  Can you calculate the perimeter of the shape?

Area Explorer: Can you calculate the area of the shape?

Triangle ExplorerCan you calculate the area of a triangle

Shape Explorer:  Can you calculate the area and perimeter of a shape?


Our Courts The two games "Supreme Decision" and "Do I have a Right" are great ways to learn more about the Supreme Court and the Bill of Rights.

Save the Bill of Rights:  This is a great way to learn about the Bill of Rights.

Pick 12: In this game, you play a lawyer and pick out a jury for trial.  You look at the background and experience of potential jurors and try to choose a jury that you think will see things your client's way.

Bill of Rights:  Test your knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

Constitution Relay Game:  Do you know your contitution?

Federalist/Anti-Federalist Who were supporters and who were critics?

Branches of Government:  Put the right leaf on the correct branch of government.

eLections:  Imagine you are a candidate in the Presidential election.  Pick your party and create your platform.  Play this game and see if can win the election.  Good Luck!



Much & Many:  Can you figure out if it is too much or too many.


Interesting things about Christmas Trees

General Math

Virtual Math:  This site has cool manipulative games in just about all math areas

Cut the Knot:  This site has some really challenging games Including Peg Solataire.


Skillswise:  This site is great for practicing a wide variety of whole number math skills.  Click on the skill you want to practice, then look for a game to play.

Climate Challenge: Can you tackle global climate change?

Cosmic Corridor: A fun game: move around the STS-118 station

National Geographic Film Maker:  Make your own animal documentary.  This site is easy to use and a lot of fun.



Crossword Puzzles:  Click on the lesson you want to practice and you can play the crossword online.


Word Games at the Classroom:  These word games from are a challenging and fun way to increase your vocabulary.




Coin Toss: This site is an easy to use fun virtual coin toss program.

Spinner This spinner is simple to use and will simulate a 5 color spinner

SKUNK:  Test your understanding of probability by playing SKUNK.    Read the instructions then scroll down to begin play. Do you know when to stand or sit?



GeoNet:  This game has lots of interesting information to help you learn about the geography.

Sheppard Software:  Click on a region of the world, then you have choices of several games to play about that region

Map Games:  Choose from several fun online map games to help you learn about different regions of the world.


Synonyms: You have to be quick to guess the synonym before time runs out.

Antonym:  You have to be quick to guess the antonym before time runs out.

Synonym Hangman:  This challenging hangman game will help your vocabulary skills.

Synonym Toast:  Are you hungry?  See how much toast you get to eat.



is a programming language design for kids.  After students learn scratch basics, they will design games and/or stories to share.

Learn Scratch




Dots: This Internet version of a popular pencil and paper game will challenge your logic skills.

Math Doodles:  Choose one of the 5 logic games.  These games look easy, but looks can be deceiving,.

Sum Stacks:  This game looks easy, but don't be fooled.  This is harder than it looks.  Can you add the objects to fit the correct sum?

The Parking Lot Game:  Can you get the Volkswagon out of the lot?  It is not as easy as it looks.

Pour the Score:  Pour liquid without spilling a drop and see if you can make the right amount.



Make a Match:  Match the equivalent fractions

Visual Fractions:  This site is great for practice and has some fun games to test your skills


Geometry - Tessellations

Figures and Polygons:  This page has definitions of various geometric terms.


Four Basic Symmetries:  This site, also from Math Forum, explains the four types of symmetry in a very simple clear manner.

Types of Symmetry:  This site from Math Form explains symmetry very well.

What is Tessellation?:  This Math Forum site by Suzanne Alejandre does a great job of explaining how tessellations work and how they are named

Cool Math - Tessellations:  This site by Cool Math shows great examples of single polygon tessellations.