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Scott M. Ellis Elementary School

Scott M. Ellis Elementary SchoolWelcome to the Scott M. Ellis Elementary School website! On behalf of the entire school community, I welcome you to our school website. This is the place where you can find information about our wonderful school and the professional staff that takes pride in being part of this caring, supportive, and enriching school environment.

Together, the home-school connection truly does everything possible to ensure that each and every child receives an excellent education while celebrating diverse perspectives and individual strengths. Our curriculum is challenging, differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students, and aligned with the New York State Common Core Standards. Every teacher strives for student learning that is enduring and engaging.

We believe that all children have the right to an outstanding education and we make every effort to fulfill this obligation. The staff at Scott M. Ellis Elementary School chose to work in this school for two reasons– the children and the community. There is something wonderfully special about SME that one can only experience by actually being in the school itself. It is the spirit of family, teamwork, and the simple appreciation that one person can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child.

Please take time to visit this website periodically as updates will occur on a regular basis. If you would like to visit the school or receive more information, please feel free to call.


News and Events

The First Week of School at Scott M. Ellis Elementary

Thank you to our amazing students and staff for making this first week of school at Scott M. Ellis so wonderful! I am so proud of all that was accomplished this week! During the first full week kindergarten students have learned how to walk to their classroom and participate in basic school routines. They are an outstanding group of youngsters, and they add joy to the building. Our returning students have published well written reports about themselves, created salt-dough maps featuring the geographical features of New York State, and set an example of how to safely participate in our fire drill series. But the most exciting part of my week has been to see your children reading books by themselves and with their teachers. The school feels alive again. Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us! This is a great start to our school year!

Enjoy your weekend,
Mr. Mahan.


October 4, 2014 - Third Annual “Run for Readers” at Scott M. Ellis Elementary School